Founded in December 2005, Eltafantech Asia has made contributions every day to the safeguarding and balancing of urban growth in South East Asia. Enhancing building, infrastructure and industrial solutions, we leverage our expertise to provide a full range of services suited to our customers' needs. Our challenge is to stay a step ahead, by offering products that will stand the test of time.

Eltafantech Asia is one of the leading manufacturers of air movement equipment in South East Asia and is based in Shah Alam, Malaysia. With the factory area of 45,000 sq ft. and the latest technology in HVAC manufacturing equipment, we are able to satisfy the high demand of quality and workmanship required by our S.E.A customers. The company belongs to Elta Group Limited – our group companies provide quality fans and related ventilation equipment to customers across the world, with group companies on four continents, which provide globally competitive products with local service.

Eltafantech Asia products are accurately designed and formulated to consistently and continuously exceed the performance aspects of widely recognized standards. Along with EN, CE Marking, AMCA and ISO 9001 certifications and approvals, Eltafantech Asia is accredited by BSI (the world's first National Standards Body, founding member of ISO and fourth largest global certification body has acquired NCS International Pty. Ltd) standards. Our products are manufactured under an effective system of inspection, testing, supervision and control.

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