Issue #81 June 2015
Techtalk - Issue 81 Cover Story A business school for future captains of industry

A new building at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) has everyone talking. Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry, the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building is part of the university’s $1.2 billion City Campus Master Plan to enhance student learning through collaborative thinking among students and staff.

Technically Speaking Electrical approvals and compliancy

Access to electrical equipment manufactured overseas is now easier thanks to the internet and low cost express shipping. However the greater choice of products is only one criterion when deciding to make a purchase and contractors must also take into consideration quality and serviceability, customer support, product safety and compliance with Australian/New Zealand regulations.

Product News WhisperJet - The Quiet Achiever

The WhisperJet Fan Kits combine the advanced technology of the mixed-flow in-line fan together with the high performance CC Series circular attenuators.

Issue #80 December 2014
Techtalk - Issue 78 Cover Story Hospital redevelopment a major win for River Murray Community

The opening of Stage 1 of Echuca Regional Health’s redevelopment was a major milestone in the hospital’s 130-year history of delivering care to communities along the Murray River, bordering NSW & Victoria.

Technically Speaking Clarifying the compliance of low profi le PVC duct

A number of new types of low profile plastic duct have recently been released onto the Australian market. It is important for specifiers and installers to ensure the new product meets Australian standards and is compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Product News New EC fans expand energy efficiency options

Fantech has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to developing solutions for energy sustainable commercial buildings by expanding its Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) range of fans and control ancillaries.

Issue #79 August 2014
Techtalk - Issue 78 Cover Story Vale Jack Pirie - A legacy to be proud of

Jack Pirie touched a lot of lives as a mentor, an adviser and most importantly a great friend. With his passing on 15 July, 2014, Australia’s HVAC industry has lost one of its great leaders and innovators.

Technically Speaking JetVent fans BCA compliance requirements

To meet the ‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’ (DTS) requirements of the BCA, a car park ventilation system must comply with AS1668.2:2012 or an adequate system of permanent natural ventilation (Section F4.11) and AS/NZS1668.1:1998.

Product News New range of JetVent EC

The JetVent EC series (JIU-CPC EC) has been extended with standard, low height and high performance models now available. All three fans come with the option of a factory-fitted integrated smoke detection kit.

Issue #78 December 2013
Techtalk - Issue 78 Cover Story For Faster, more efficient project delivery

Fantech has just introduced a new and unique prefabrication service to help save customer's time and money when installing fans on site.

Technically Speaking Selecting the right fan blade material for the job (Part 2)

materials perform differently when they operate at various stresses, temperatures, speeds and in corrosive environments. For this reason it is important to select the right fan impeller material for the application.

Product News For Faster, more efficient project delivery

Fantech has just introduced a new and unique prefabrication service to help save customer's time and money when installing fans on site.

Issue #77 August 2013
Techtalk - Issue 77 Cover Story New space, a hub of success

Students and staff of the University of Adelaide are enjoying the results of a multi-level all weather learning hub they helped design. Located in the heart of the University's North Terrace campus, Hub Central is an initial point of contact for students, offering a wide range of informal learning spaces.

Technically Speaking Selecting the right fan blade material for the job

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify which type of fan impellar blade material is required for a given application. Typical blade materials supplied by Fantech include GRP (Glass Reinforced Polypropylene), Aluminium, Nylon and Anti-Static Plastic.

Product News

Issue #76 April 2013
Techtalk - Issue 76 Cover Story Fantech celebrates 40 Years

Forty years ago Jack Pirie and Glen Harries met for a drink at a pub onevening. The meeting had a profound effect on both men's lives as they began a journey to form a new company and start an unbreakable friendship that would see many highs and lows.

Technically Speaking The truth about fan performance

To ensure a ventilation system functions in the built environment as it was intended in the design stages, it is crucial to know that the fan's actual performance matches the catalogue data published by the manufacturer.

Product News High volume fan, low operating cost

Fantech now offers a quality, cost effective solution with BladeTec High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans made by DuctSox, an American company with over 30 years experience.

Issue #75 December 2012
Techtalk - Issue 75 Cover Story Sunshine retail given a lift

The Sunshine Coast has received a retail boost with a substantial new investment by Harvey Norman. Known as the Maroochydore Homemaker Centre, it is the first new major bulky goods complex to be built in South East Queensland since 2009.

Technically Speaking The effect of Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on External Rotor (ER) Motors

While using a variable speed drive can greatly improve the efficiency of your air movement equipment, using VSDs with an All-Pole Sinusoidal Filter on the External Rotor Motor will return the motor to the expected life of one without a VSD. - Download the

Product News ZOO Fan reduces the cost of heating tall spaces

Fantech's ZOO (Zone Of Occupancy) Fan helps reduce energy costs, while maintaining a more comfortable, more productive environment for workers and customers at ground level.

Issue #74 August 2012
Techtalk - Issue 74 Cover Story Fantech enters The Hall of Fame

In the last four years Fantech has provided sponsored training for more than 108 operational staff nationwide to Certificate III and Certificate IV level in Competitive Manufacturing.

Technically Speaking Intelligent ventilation solutions for car parks

A good ventilation system is vital in car parks. It must provide fresh air and ensure harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides and various fumes from the vehicle's fuels do not accumulate and reach toxic levels.

Product News Optimising indoor comfort - Rickard VAV diffusers

Each VAV diffuser model is available in various configurations which are suitable for numerous applications or mounting positions. The electronically powered range comes in square, linear slot and bulkhead models; the thermally powered models come in square models only.

Issue #73 April 2012
Techtalk - Issue 73 Cover Story Faster fan selections are here

Faster fan and silencer selection is now possible thanks to the new version of the Fans by Fantech Product Selection Program. The new program was launched at ARBS 2012 and was very well received said Fantech's Information Systems Manager Stuart Bryson

Technically Speaking A simple guide to selecting fan motors for hazardous locations

What sort of fan motor do I need for my spray painting booth? This type of question often confronts our sales engineers.While this appears to be a straightforward request, a spray booth could be classified as a hazardous area because:

Product News Silent series doubles in size

Fantech has added two new models to the low noise, high efficiency TD Silent Series of mixed-flow fans.The revolutionary design of the TD Silent 250mm and 315mm models incorporate a number of new technologies that make them very quiet.

Issue #72 December 2011
Techtalk - Issue 72 Cover Story IKEA & Harvey Norman supersize

Victoria's largest bulky goods development is now open to the public. Located on a busy intersection in Melbourne's southeast, the Springvale Homemaker Centre features Swedish furniture sensation IKEA and Australian retail giant Harvey Norman.

Technically Speaking Want to reduce a fans energy consumption?

In the first part of this technically speaking series we looked at how increased pressure drops caused by system effect influences power consumption.

Product News Energy usage declines with DCV

Smart technology is helping developers and architects to meet the growing demand for energy efficient HVAC solutions. Known as Demand Control Ventilation (DCV), the system increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the ventilation system, thereby reducing energy consumption and power bills.

Issue #71 August 2011
Techtalk - Issue 71 Cover Story New Ice Rink for Melbourne

Melbournians have the opportunity to skate to the top of winter sports with a new world-class ice sports facility developed by ING Real Estate in Docklands.

Technically Speaking Want to reduce a fans energy consumption?

In the Fans by Fantech catalogue the 'Installation Do's and Don'ts' section illustrates some of the common errors made when installing fans. Some are simply poor design whilst others are, what is called, 'System Effect'.

Product News Air Design release new range of Energy Recovery Units

Air Design has just released a new, defined range of energy recovery units, developed and manufactured in Brisbane.

Issue #70 December 2011
Techtalk - Issue 70 Cover Story IKEA & Harvey Norman Supersize

Victoria's largest bulky goods development is now open to the public. Located on a busy intersection in Melbourne's southeast, the Springvale Homemaker Centre features Swedish furniture sensation IKEA and Australian retail giant Harvey Norman.

Technically Speaking Want to reduce a fans energy consumption?

In the first part of this technically speaking series we looked at how increased pressure drops caused by system effect influences power consumption.

Product News Energy usage declines with DCV

Smart technology is helping developers and architects to meet the growing demand for energy efficient HVAC solutions. Known as Demand Control Ventilation (DCV), the system increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the ventilation system, thereby reducing energy consumption and power bills.

Issue #69 December 2010
Techtalk - Issue 69 Cover Story NZ Supermarket goes green

New Zealand supermarket giant Progressive Enterprises has made a commitment to reduce the company's overall carbon footprint by 40% by 2015, bringing emissions back to 2006 levels

Technically Speaking Implications of Section J5.2 of the BCA 2010

Fans are a significant user of energy. The current best data suggests that fans are responsible for anywhere between 8% and 20% of the total worldwide electricity consumption and, of this total, 55% is consumed in the commercial sector.

Product News Say goodbye to toilet odours

The OdourVac OVK1 system is ideal for homes, apartments, offices and high use areas such as restaurants and pubs. It uses an in-line fan to draw odours directly from the bowl. The beauty of the product is its simplicity

Issue #68 August 2010
Techtalk - Issue 68 Cover Story Silencer the next generation apartment fan is here

There's a whisper that Fantech is about to unveil the latest development in apartment ventilation. The TD Silent range of mixed-flow fans incorporates a number of new technologies that make them very quiet.

Technically Speaking Spilling the facts on smoke control

The Standard AS/NZS1668.1:1998 – Fire and Smoke Control in Multi-compartment Buildings prescribes several important requirements concerning smoke spill fans.

Product News

The OdourVac OVK1 system is ideal for homes, apartments, offices and high use areas such as restaurants and pubs. It uses an in-line fan to draw odours directly from the bowl. The beauty of the product is its simplicity

Issue #67 April 2010
Techtalk - Issue 67 Cover Story Hilton brings a new height in luxury

The transformation of Melbourne's Yarra River precinct to a high class business centre and popular tourist destination is complete with the opening of Hilton Melbourne South Wharf.

Technically Speaking The how and why of fan vibration isolation

In mechanical systems, small imbalances within any rotating equipment will cause vibration oscillation. If this equipment is fixed directly to a building structure, the oscillation will propagate down the structure and can cause unacceptable levels of vibration and noise in the building.

Product News EC technology takes off

Highly efficient electronically commutated (EC) motor technology incorporated into a Fantech fan is helping the building services industry to meet the increasing demand for energy efficient products. This ultimately helps to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Issue #66 December 2009
Techtalk - Issue 66 Cover Story Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre sets the standard

The newly completed Melbourne Convention Centre has been fully integrated with the Melbourne Exhibition Centre to create a modern, user-friendly and versatile environment that makes an architectural statement on the banks of the Yarra River.

Technically Speaking Fan Total Efficiency

The building mechanical services industry accounts for about 20-25% of the world's energy consumption, with fans representing a substantial share of that. This is an area where well-engineered fan selections and systems can be made, providing substantial cuts in energy consumption, much of it with an immediate cost benefit.

Product News Fantech proud to distribute Vacon drives

Fantech is proud to announce that it can now provide the high quality Vacon range of drives throughout Australasia. Fantech aims to align itself with strong reputable products and brands, and Vacon's reputation for manufacturing high quality AC drives made them the ideal choice.

Issue #65 August 2009
Techtalk - Issue 65 Cover Story Indian development solid as a rock

A landmark development due to be completed in the third quarter of 2009 in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Hyderabad, India, is helping to lure big companies to the capital.

Technically Speaking Variable Speed Drives and fans

Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) are now being widely used across the HVAC industry in many different applications. The benefits of a VSD, including their ability to regulate fan speed, save energy consumption (up to 70% in some instances) and provide motor protection, are now well recognised.

Product News Energy efficient technology in demand

A new ventilation system is set to take the heat from rising energy costs. The Fantech Quietflow DCV in-line fan range is a new concept that uses sensors to automatically control the amount of ventilation according to the occupancy of a room.

Issue #64 April 2009
Techtalk - Issue 64 Cover Story Fresh green start for TAC

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Victoria has relocated to purpose-built offices in the heart of provincial city Geelong, 80 km south west of Melbourne

Technically Speaking Fan applications

This article identifies some further key challenges relevant to the compliance and effectiveness of ventilation systems in homes and high-rise residential applications.

Product News New look Vogue - set to impress

The challenge of creating comfortable living spaces in apartments is made easier with a range of products from Fantech

Issue #63 December 2008
Techtalk - Issue 63 Cover Story Tugun Bypass flows freely

A new road project linking Queensland and New South Wales has reduced traffic congestion and slashed travel times for interstate travellers. The Tugun Bypass is a seven kilometre road link between Currumbin on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads in northern NSW.

Technically Speaking Fan applications

Adequate ventilation is an important, but often underrated feature for bathrooms in residential homes, and even more so in accommodation premises, such as hotels, motels and care homes.

Product News Ventilation solutions in limited spaces

Fantech's Vogue series of ceiling/wall mounted fans has been redesigned with a new modern look and easy to use features

Issue #62 August 2008
Techtalk - Issue 62 Cover Story 35 Years ago a Scotsman & a Welshman were having a drink

Once upon a time…..back in February 1973, a Scotsman and a Welshman met up for a quiet drink... They'd met years before, in 1961, when they were studying a Diploma in Heating, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Fan Engineering together...

Technically Speaking Pressure Loss

This article is intended to clarify the difference between total pressure, static pressure and velocity pressure, also known as dynamic pressure and how they are used in relation to duct systems and fan selection.

Product News Fan Run-On Timers

In many applications it is desirable that a fan continues to run for a period after the switch is turned off for maximum efficiency. We discuss some examples.

Issue #61 April 2008
Techtalk - Issue 61 Cover Story New catalogue revealed at ARBS 2008

Fantech will officially unwrap its latest version of the highly informative Fans By Fantech catalogue at Melbourne's 2008 ARBS exhibition.

Technically Speaking Fan stall

One of the more common complaints received about fan performances is "the fan is developing the design pressure but we are only getting half the airflow". Fan stall can have such devastating effects on system performance, noise levels and a machine's life.

Product News Impulse JetVent Range Extended

The Fantech Impulse JetVent range has now been extended to incorporate the growing need for a more general solution to car park ventilation requirements.

Issue #60 December 2007
Techtalk - Issue 60 Cover Story 2007 - a year of growth and consolidation

Fantech has had a busy 2007, with the release of some exciting new products and some interesting new developments.

Technically Speaking We're Fans of Efficiency - not carbon debts!

To sustain a comfortable environment in a working space, we have to use energy in order to provide heating, cooling and ventilation. There is no excuse for unnecessarily wasting energy due to either bad equipment selection, or ducting that produces negative system effects.

Product News Bushfire code compliant products - now in Fantech range

As Australians, we're only too aware that many parts of our country experience severe bushfire threat, particularly during Summer. Bushfires are capable of destroying most types of buildings, with hot, burning embers as their main weapon. Fantech have redeveloped some of their key products to comply with the Australian Standard.

Issue #59 August 2007
Techtalk - Issue 59 Cover Story NATSPEC launches SPECbuilder Pro

NATSPEC, the national building specification organisation, has released a new compilation program for commercial building specifications, SPECbuilder Pro.

Technically Speaking Selecting fans to run in parallel

When two identical fans are run in parallel, double the airflow of one fan is achieved at the same pressure. However, this article explains how this is not necessarily the case for fans in ventilation systems.

Product News Eco-Speed fans lead the green way

THE global environmental challenge is placing responsibility on all of us. That is why Fantech has developed Eco-Speed Fans, incorporating integrated variable speed control.

Issue #58 April 2007
Techtalk - Issue 58 Cover Story Impulse fans simplify NZ car park

A SIGNIFICANT change in the approach to expelling harmful vehicle exhaust fumes from car parks has been taken with installation of the impulse fans system in a New Zealand project.

Technically Speaking Fan testing & performance – Back to the Basics, Part 2

IN this second part of our "Back to Basics" series, we discuss an International Standard for airflow testing of fans, ISO 5801:1997.

Product News Fantech JetStream System

THE new JetStream System is designed to maximize airflow performance while minimizing noise levels. It is ideal for applications where an efficient, low profile fan is required.

Issue #57 December 2006
Techtalk - Issue 57 Cover Story Michael and crew excel in paddle classic

CONGRATULATIONS to Michael Venis, a Sales Representative at Fantech's agent, The Ventilation Warehouse in Sydney, and his team, who were placed eighth in the 2006 Molokai Hoe, the men's world championship in outrigger canoe racing.

Technically Speaking How to determine and describe fan performance

IN this, the first of a "Back to Basics" series, we discuss the all-important issue of how to determine and describe fan performance.

Product News FlatPack Low Profile Duct System

THE recent release of the FlatPack Low Profile duct rounds-off a range of products and systems by Fantech that are specifically and ideally suited to applications where ceiling space is restricted.

Issue #56 August 2006
Techtalk - Issue 56 Cover Story Chopper does the trick at Coles Myer centre

IT took a helicopter to lift the fans into place for installation – but that's the sort of site it is. It's the massive new Coles Myer chilled food distribution centre near Melbourne – 400 metres long by 180 metres wide - and Fantech provided a range of products including 25 RVE 1000mm diameter vertical exhaust fans for the roof.

Technically Speaking Impulse ventilation for carparks

VENTILATION of covered car parks is essential for removing harmful vehicle exhaust fumes and providing assistance to fire fighters by clearing smoke in the event of a fire.

Product News Ezifit In-Wall Exhaust Fan

FIRST it was Thru-Wall, then Thru-Roof, now Fantech has taken the Ezifit concept to the next stage. It's the In-Wall fan, designed for residential and light commercial applications.

Issue #55 April 2006
Techtalk - Issue 55 Cover Story Energy Efficiency in 2006 – Fans update

Energy conservation is a motherhood statement! It would be difficult to find a person who would say "we should waste as much energy as we can". On the other hand it would not be too difficult to find a person who has more regard for first cost than the energy consumed by their design or installation. As long as competition exists this is unlikely to disappear quickly.

Technically Speaking BCA Code - Energy Efficiency of fans

Much has been written about the new BCA Energy provisions for buildings and equipment. This article explains how fans are effected by the new measures in the commercial building sector.

Product News Introducing Eco-Speed the New Axial Fan With Integrated VSD

The new Fantech Eco-Speed Series of axial duct mounted fans incorporate a unique AC motor with an integrated variable speed drive (VSD)

Issue #54 December 2005
Techtalk - Issue 54 Cover Story Guide vanes turn up pressure at HK centre

ASIAWORLD-EXPO, a world-class exhibition and event venue offering more than 70,000 square metres of space for trade fairs, conventions, concerts, sports and entertainment events, is set to open in Hong Kong in December.

Technically Speaking Air inlets – make it a smooth operation, or count the loss forever

AIR turbulence in ventilation systems increases energy use and noise generation. Good practice suggests that designers and installers should strive to create ventilation duct systems that encourage airflow patterns to be as smooth as possible from inlet through to discharge.

Product News EC motors make all the difference

OUTSTANDING efficiencies and impressive control of the fan performance are available from the use of EC (Electrically Commutated) motors in fans.

Issue #53 August 2005
Techtalk - Issue 53 Cover Story Adelaide airport flies high

ADELAIDE'S $ 240 million airport terminal breaks new ground with its flexible configuration. The 750m long and 110m wide building houses an International and two Domestic terminals...

Technically Speaking Electric motor protection - it'll save you!

FAILURE of motors due to electrical fault or burnout can be costly, inconvenient and above all, dangerous. Therefore, motors should be protected against the possibility of electrical failure.

Product News Heritage smoke spill fans find niche

THE Heritage Roof Mounted Smoke Spill range is available as an approved alternative to the traditional axial roof mounted smoke spill fans.

Issue #52 April 2005
Techtalk - Issue 52 Cover Story Q1 wind challenge taken head on

THE world's tallest residential tower reaches so high that on a clear night it will be seen from as far away as Brisbane to the north and Byron Bay to the south.

Technically Speaking When the heat's on, the pressure's off

THIS article seeks to explain why, despite the fan pressure development and mass flow being dependent on air density, the fan volume flow remains constant regardless of changes in the air temperature or barometric pressure.

Product News Larger Ezifit boosts flexibility

THE Ezifit Thru Roof range of fans has been extended with the addition of a larger 200mm fan powered version and 150mm and 200mm Relief Vent models.

Issue #51 December 2004
Techtalk - Issue 51 Cover Story New BCA rules

THE Building Code of Australia is introducing legislation for commercial development next year that will insist on design and use of energy efficient fans and energy sensible solutions.

Technically Speaking Slow it down, save your energy!

IN most HVAC applications, electric motors are continuously running at full speed with mechanical devices being used to modulate the air output. The result is an excessive wastage of electrical energy.

Product News Thru Wall solves tight space situations

INTRODUCTION of the Ezifit Thru Wall exhaust fan came in response to the need for a fan that does and which is suited to ducted systems in tight situations.

Issue #50 August 2004
Techtalk - Issue 50 Cover Story New Product Suite even more interactive

VERSION 4.0 of the Fans By Fantech Interactive Product Suite CD has been released with new features to make it even more user-friendly

Technically Speaking Fan Trouble Shooting

FANS are carefully designed and their performance for air quantity, pressure development and noise generation tested, so that the user can be confident that the fan has the potential to perform in full accord with its catalogued performance.

Product News Damper Latching for Smoke Spill Fans

IN relation to un-sprinklered building applications with 300º C at 30 minutes rating, AS/NZS 1668.1:1998 requires that "non-return discharge gravity dampers, installed on smoke spill systems, shall mechanically latch open or be arranged to fail open during system operation."

Issue #49 April 2004
Techtalk - Issue 49 Cover Story Fans by Fantech 2004 now out!

SOME people thought it's the age of the computer and hard copy catalogues such as Fantech's "Fans by Fantech" were a thing of the past.

Technically Speaking Noise tests, another step to removing doubt

LOGIC would suggest that the noise levels of a centrifugal fan would show some variation between low pressure, high pressure, inlet and outlet.

Product News

IN relation to un-sprinklered building applications with 300º C at 30 minutes rating, AS/NZS 1668.1:1998 requires that "non-return discharge gravity dampers, installed on smoke spill systems, shall mechanically latch open or be arranged to fail open during system operation."

Issue #48 December 2003
Techtalk - Issue 48 Cover Story QA milestone underlines customer service

FANTECH has achieved another significant milestone – 10 years' ISO accreditation, unmatched by any other Australian fan company.

Technically Speaking Resonance - A case of small fan, big noise

All objects have a natural frequency of vibration. One of the most basic would be a drum; if the drum is tapped with the drumstick it will vibrate and generate a noise at its natural frequency.

Product News Cowls make a difference

THE Beta-Vent enables the upwards discharge of air from a mechanical exhaust system while providing rain protection when not in use.

Issue #47 August 2003
Techtalk - Issue 47 Cover Story Stadium a breath of fresh air

SUNCORP STADIUM, the scene of many epic rugby union, soccer, rugby league and State of Origin clashes over the years, has begun a new life with a magnificent redevelopment.

Technically Speaking The how and why of fan

ALL rotating or reciprocating machines have a small amount of imbalance.

Product News Apartment fan is discreet

THE new Hideaway series of duct mounted fans has been designed specifically for installation in tight spaces such as ceiling voids and cupboards.

Issue #46 April 2003
Techtalk - Issue 46 Cover Story Philosophy the same, 30 years on

THE philosophy of Glen Harries and Jack Pirie has certainly stood the test of time.

Technically Speaking What Protection are you using? IP what?

THE Ingress Protection (IP) Rating scheme is an internationally recognised system indicating the degree of protection afforded by various products and enclosures.

Product News Anti-static blade range boosted

THE capability of the innovative anti-static blade for adjustable pitch axial fans has been boosted with the addition of new and bigger sizes.

Issue #45 December 2002
Techtalk - Issue 45 Cover Story Unusual name, great result

IT'S got an unusual name and it is certainly unusual in nature, but it is being recognised around the world. It's a hotel called the Longitude 131°, consisting of 15 tents, each of them a self-contained, elevated enclave of luxury, sited on a sand-dune.

Technically Speaking Intumescent Fire Dampers. Out of

"OUT of sight, out of mind". This common saying is probably very fitting when we consider the subject of fire dampers.

Product News Lorient Dampers set hot pace

INTUMESCENT fire dampers have revolutionised design of fire damper systems, with the Lorient brand leading the charge.

Issue #44 August 2002
Techtalk - Issue 44 Cover Story Industry does itself proud-twice

TWO exhibitions, on opposite sides of the Tasman, provided an excellent opportunity for the Australian and New Zealand industries to display product, showcase talent, and look to the future.

Technically Speaking Efficiency and motors now go hand in hand

AS part of their country's commitments to reducing (fossil fuel) energy consumption, the Australian and New Zealand Minerals and Energy Council (ANZMEC),

Product News Fans for hazardous environments

THE new "Compact Flameproof" range of fans are specifically developed to meet the needs of small ventilation applications in hazardous or explosive environments, such as paint and solvent stores, gas meter rooms, vehicle service pits, and so on.

Issue #43 April 2002
Techtalk - Issue 43 Cover Story A quiet achiever for new Court project

WITH its knowledge of acoustics, Fantech was able to contribute to the design of fan-duct systems in Victoria's new County Court complex, on schedule to open in May.

Technically Speaking Under Pressure

I told my wife that I was under pressure to write this article. She responded "What type of pressure"? I was going to say "absolute pressure" as I thought this would impress her.

Product News Reducing the hazard

THE issue of hazardous location and explosion risk applications has been tackled by Fantech with the release of a new style impeller blade for adjustable pitch axial fans.

Issue #42 December 2001
Techtalk - Issue 42 Cover Story Federation Square a landmark for Melbourne

MELBOURNE'S much-anticipated Federation Square is expected to attract six million visitors a year and employ more than 600 people.

Technically Speaking Smoke Spill Fans and the new Standards - The Facts

WITH the recent introduction of Standard AS/NZS1668.1:1998 - Fire and Smoke Control in Multi-compartment Buildings, several important requirements concerning smoke spill fans were included.

Product News SALES of "people coolers" will be at a premium with the summer months upon us.

Fantech is filling the market with two ideal products - the Compact Cooler and the Pedestal Fan.

Issue #41 August 2001
Techtalk - Issue 41 Cover Story User-friendly website carries every product

IT'S fast, it's simple, it's streamlined. And our new website is making life a whole lot easier for all our clients.

Technically Speaking Nightmare on Lonsdale

THIS real-life story reveals significant shortcomings in acoustic analysis methodology, and outlines some of the phenomenon encountered with sound in buildings.

Product News Vogue is in fashion

VOGUE means "the fashion of the time", the name of Fantech's new wall and ceiling mounted fan range featuring the hi-tech look, with oyster grey color, metal construction, and raised fastener screws.

Issue #40 April 2001
Techtalk - Issue 40 Cover Story Fantech helps 'shape' flame

The Fantech fan used to 'shape the flame' at the recent Sydney Olympics, has drawn high praise from Leon Daych of Fuel & Combustion Technology P/L (FCT), contractors in charge of designing and supplying the Main Cauldron Burner for Sydney 2000 Olympic fla

Technically Speaking The incredible simplicity of sound - back to basics

By popular demand we get back to basics on some aspects of sound. This article will explain in simple terms what is meant by noise, sound, sound power, sound pressure and the decibel.

Product News EDM300S Decor Fan Kit

Contractors will be glad to learn that Fantech has released its EDM300S fan in kit form.

Issue #39 December 2000
Techtalk - Issue 39 Cover Story Fantech involved with world top 10 Convention Centre

The Adelaide Convention Centre, which was voted by an independent global survey conducted from the USA as one of the top ten convention centres worldwide in 1998 and 1999, is in the midst of substantial extensions that are due for completion September 200

Technically Speaking Stairwell Pressurisation - a Matter of Survival

In the event of a fire in a multi-storey building the use of lifts is not permitted, with the exception of special cases defined in the Building Code of Australia. The electricity supply may be disrupted or the lifts could be overloaded so a safe, fast an

Product News Popular New CC Attenuator

Following the extraordinary success of the CC Silencer range, a new attenuator to suit 150mm ducts has been developed by Fantech's Acoustic Specialist, Kerry Dumicich.

Issue #38 August 2000
Techtalk - Issue 38 Cover Story Golf Handicap is Retirement Project

Jack Pirie, Fantech's founding Director, thinks that his golf handicap needs improvement and has decided that this is a project that will consume a good deal of his time in the future.

Technically Speaking Electrical Motors for Special Applications

Electric motors are the workhorses of industry and are required to operate reliably in a vast range of applications and environments.

Product News Elta Small Boat Marine Fans

The Elta range of Marine Fans, which has been tested to cope with arduous marine conditions, has been added to the Fantech portfolio.

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