"To be a strong and successful company for our stake holders. To understand and satisfy the needs of our customers globally. To deliver the world’s most innovative ventilation solutions and create a safer healthier life for everyone. To continue improving our performance in every area of our business. And, above all, To be the best and nothing less.”


  1. We encourage the growth and personal development of our employees, through high values to a commitment of doing good for the whole. Core Values includes – Committed, Consistent, Positive, Optimistic and Transparency.
  2. To explore every opportunity to increase the business efficiency in order to continuously generate preferences over substitutes, and demands in every market we move into.
  3. To create the exciting environment in the distribution networks, with our full support to encourage the sales volume.
  4. To ensure our quality of product is always above the customer's expectations and always strive for complete customer's satisfaction.
  5. To increase brand awareness and usage of our products globally and cater for the needs of bespoke products to our customers.
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